“I have tried everything to lose weight and nothing seemed to work for me.  I worked hard at the gym and still stayed the same, making me feel rubbish about myself.  I thought I would give this a go, as there seemed to be nothing else left to try…and finally something worked!  Lisa has a very honest approach, yet shows no judgement to even the most embarrassing of topics, making me feel comfortable and able to trust her.  She helped me realise that the way I felt about myself, along with one ingredient that I was adding to my diet every day was the reason that nothing was working for me.  After each session I found myself consciously making the right decisions and listening to what my body needs to get me where I want to be! I now feel more in control, better in myself and the number on those horrible scales is finally coming down with no fad diets in sight”

“I booked an appointment with Lisa to discuss my attitude to my weight loss journey. She was fantastic and listened carefully to my answers in relation to the questions she asked. Lisa made me think about weight loss in a way I hadn’t before. Discovering that I did have willpower when I thought I didn’t was probably the biggest learning curve for me!  It was a really useful appointment to learn more about me and what I wanted for myself for the future. Lisa was kind and understanding and never once made me feel uncomfortable during the discussions”

 “I personally had issues with acknowledging myself as moving forward and being the driving force behind my own destiny. Since seeing Lisa, I can honestly say I am so much more centred than ever before and have a clear idea of the goals I have laid out in front of me and an even clearer idea of how to achieve them. Thank you Lisa”

“In the summer of 2014, I was an overweight, time poor, working mum at a career crossroads. I was stuck in a rut and struggling to make any positive changes. I was full of good intentions and joined the gym but soon realised that I needed additional help so I started regular coaching sessions with Lisa. Lisa’s style is supportive and motivational but directive and challenging (in a kind way); her coaching techniques have proved to be very effective for me.

Working with Lisa has enabled me to reassess priorities, look at options and make confident decisions.

12 months later, I am still a busy working mum but thanks to coaching with Lisa, a supportive family and a commitment to the gym, I am 10kg lighter, fitter and have achieved personal and professional goals. Most importantly I have rediscovered my inner confidence and happy that life is no longer just passing me by. I am looking forward to the next challenges”

“After coaching sessions with Lisa I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and at last felt some inner peace. I hadn’t realised until that point, how my past was affecting me in so many areas of my life”